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Gary McInnis – Pro Rock musician 3

Want that strong & powerful sound?

We can get you back in the groove!

(R&R) Repair and Restoration of vintage amps, guitars -and more..

High quality amp and guitar repair

“I’m really happy with Rob’s great work. The guitar he fixed underwent a makeover. It went from being a wreck to one of my faves! I am also thankful for his great work on the Fender Hotrod amp.  It is a beast!”  - Dave Tourje -  Award winning film-maker and Musician

“I gave Rob Oliver a "Mission Impossible" task - taking the innards out of my Blackstar Fly 3 amp and rebuilding it as a foot pedal that could be used with any amp for live performance. Rob did a great job, and built a great-sounding and unique pedal. Thanks, Rob!”- Tony Rockliff - Multimedia Producer

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